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The Internet patent information retrieval service “JP-NET Web

JP-NET Web  - 4 reasons to choose-

Anytime and anywhere!

Accessing web browser, you can search patent information at your will anytime and anywhere!

  further details for sophisticated search function

Combination search of each individual search terms with Boolean operators is available.  Modified queries can be immediately reflected.  ID-based management enables you to save queries, search histories and display settings.

Sophisticated search function(JP-NET Web)

Simple usability for anyone, everybody

By easy usability of search, display and output function, even beginners can use freely.

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Speedy processing in Web browser, especially flipping through the pages is the fastest among the databases.

  • Result list
  • Three publications in
one screen
  • Image view
  • Customized layout view
  further details for abundant output formats

Batch downloading of Excel/CSV file with drawing and link to the documents is available.

  • Result list
  • Three publications in
one screen

Printing paper and downloading PDF files are also available in multiple forms such as hit list, abstract, three publications in one, JP gazette and full specifications etc.

  • Abandunt data coverage
  • Abandunt data coverage
  • Abandunt data coverage

Abandunt data coverage

Contained full-text of Japanese patent, utility model, design and trademark with legal status data therein, worldwide data of 80 countries along with family information are also available.

Reasonable price

Provided at a fixed fee from 60,000 JPY/year (Japanese patent and utility model), JP-NET also offers volume discount for researchers, engineers and company-wide use.

  Price list
Japanese Patent and Utility Model 60,000 240,000 600,000 1,200,000
JP Legal Status 36,000 180,000 420,000   600,000
Design 60,000 240,000 600,000 1,200,000
Trademark 60,000 240,000 600,000 1,200,000
Worldwide patent 60,000 240,000 600,000 1,200,000

*Yearly flat rate of Japanese Yen (JPY)

Coverage information

Japanese patent & Utility model
Published patent application 1971 ~
Published utility model application
Japanese translation of PCT international application 1979 ~
Domestic re-publication of PCT internal application
Japanese translation of PCT international application
(utility model)
Registered utility model 1994 ~
Examined patent application publication 1971 ~Mar. 1994 (last publication)
Examined utility model application publication
Granted patents 1971 ~
Examined utility model registration
Legal status
Legal status(Japanese patent, utility model, design and trademark) 1964 ~
Japanese Design, trademark and trial decision
Japanese Design 1964 ~
Japanese trademark Registration number 1 ~
Trial decision 2000 ~
Worldwide patent
US patent application 2001 ~
US patent 1976 ~
Europe (EP-A/B), International application (PCT) 1978 ~

Wide coverage of worldwide database

  Worldwide data are accessible with fixed fee. Also it is easy to refer legal status and family information.
  • Full-text
  • Drawings and abstract
  • English biblio. And abstract

Feature1:Cross retrieval within 79 countries is available in English

Feature2:Family information of 80 countries including Japan

Feature3:Batch downloading of PDF, Excel and CSV

Feature4:Visualization of citations and family information