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Branding Support Service

Japanese Trademark Search

Identical Search

This search will shake off risky marks from many of your options, and enable you to filter them to choose proper marks.


Similarity Search (Word/Device)

Before filing or using your trademark(s) in Japan, make sure if your mark is clear to go.

Our Trademark search experts will conduct in-depth search based on the rules and regulations of Japanese trademark system.

Investigation for status of use

Before you take action for non-use cancellation, we will provide you related information for making a decision.


Watching Japanese trademark

Do you take into account Japanese “SHOUKO”(reading of a word) and the meaning?


For example, “Lucky” could be similar to “ラッキー”、”らっきい”、“楽喜” , or “幸運”.

We provide a watching report weekly.


Connotation check

Doing business in Japan with the brands?

Even if your brand name sound nice and beautiful in your country,

It could be scandalous or disparaging in Japanese.

We recommend you to check the brands before launching your products in Japan.


Naming service

Our Trademark specialists will offer you the best name for your product.


Pricing for trademark searches


ServicesType of MarksFirst Class

Each additional class

(per class)

Delivery Time

(Business Day)

Identical Searches Word Marks 16,000 --- 4
Availability Searches Word Marks 25,000 5,000 4
Availability Searches Figurative Marks From 30,000 15,000 4


Attorney's opinions

by JPDS International

Patent Office

--- From 30,000 15,000


(with search report)


Other searches

Word Marks

Figurative Marks

Please ask Please ask Please ask

*Japanese Yen (JPY)

Providing Japanese Trademark Database

Brand Mark Search

JPDS also provides its original trademark searching database “Brand Mark Search”.

You can try the latest version of Brand Mark Search for free.

It’s Easy, quick and useful!


Simple interface: Two types of seacrh menues, basic and advanced mode are available.


Easy screening: Browsing by thumbnail view to quick review and detailed view to chack full information.


Various file types for output: Batch output with multiple formats are available.

Price list

In-house use 60,000 240,000 360,000 1,080,000

*Yearly flat rate of Japanese Yen (JPY)